Eureka Marquees was founded in 1994 by Phil and Sue Reddy.
After visiting a trade show in Cambridge, they came across a guy unloading a large heavy box from a car and decided to help. Intrigued, they decided to hang around to help install what turned out to be the Capri marquee!
Whilst helping to re-install the marquee, they met a couple from Wiltshire who had previously purchased one of the Capri’s and were raving how great it actually was!
Capri’s were originally used as a sun shade in America to help block out the heat, however with a some product development they could see that there was also an opportunity to bring the design to the UK.
As a trial they ordered two Capri’s and proceeded to offer them as an alternative to their already established framed tent business ‘The Main Event Marquee Company’. The decision to take that gamble turned out to be a great success! The Capri hire department soon outgrew the frame tents and at it’s peak was installing over twenty Capri’s per weekend across the South East of England.
As a result of the Capri Marquees success ‘The Main Event Marquee Company’, which was responsible for the hire side of the business was sold and Eureka took on the European distribution rights for the Capri’s. With a primary focus on sales and after setting up numerous marquee companies across Europe, the hire department decreased in size and ceased to be a focus.
Roll forward to 2016, son Simon Reddy is at the helm. The hire department has been re-launched ready for the fast approaching Summer months and a fresh approach to marketing the Capri’s across Europe has been injected.
As has always been, Eureka will continue to be a family run company, with customer service, product development and growth the primary focus.