The Capri is a fresh, innovative and elegant way to transform any backyard into a stylish party atmosphere. Capri’s modern, spacious design is dramatically different than any other canopy on the market today. The unique design allows for fewer stakes, poles and ropes. For your installation crew, or personal customers, that means far easier installation and smoother movement within and around the tent. 
 10 Oz Snyder Vinyl Laminate Fabric –  Light Weight For Single Person Installation
Vinyl Coated Fabric – Eliminates Risk Of Mildew
3 Piece Aluminium Poles For Strength With Internal Bungee – Speed Of Installation
Re-inforced Corner and Pole Positions – For Strength
Side Wall Rope Permanently Installed – Speed and Ease Of Side Wall Installation
No Ropes or Guy Lines – For Safety and Greater Aesthetic Appearence
Up To 60% Fewer Stakes Than A Traditional Marquee
Up To 40% Less Poles Than A Traditional Marquee


Sizes Available
20 x 20 Ft (6 x 6 m)
28 x 28 Ft (8.5 x 8.5 m)
20 x 30 Ft (6 x 9 m)
28 x 38 Ft (8.5 x 11.5 m)
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Eureka Marquees was originally launched in 1994 as the European Distributor, providing the UK with the beautiful Capri Marquee.
Capri Marquees are available in 4 sizes, 20ftx20ft, 20ftx30ft, 28ftx28ft and the very popular 28ftx38ft Capri Marquee. Capri Marquees, also known as party tents, are perfect for a whole multitude of events, including weddings, birthdays, garden parties, corporate events and more!
The Eureka Capri Marquee hire department is based in Tunbridge Wells and provides Capri Marquee hire to the whole of Kent and East Sussex. Over the past 20+ years we’ve provided capri marquee hire to hundreds of happy customers and we’d like to thank them all for their continued support.
28ft x 38ft Capri Marquees
The largest and most popular in the Capri Marquee hire industry is the 2838 Capri Marquee. It can accommodate 80 people seated and up to 100 people standing.
As with all Capri Marquees, the 2838 is a modular design, this means it can be connected endlessly to other Capri Marquees to create much larger venues. It’s the perfect solution for weddings, birthdays, large garden parties and corporate events!
As standard in our Kent Capri Marquee hire department, all Capri Marquees come complete with a set of side walls that can be clipped in minutes, no training required.
20ft x 30ft Capri Marquees
The 20×30 Capri Marquee plays little brother to the largest 28×38 Capri Marquee. Rectangular in shape, the 2030 Capri Marquee is the perfect marquee for events under 80 people. It has 6 entrance archways and as with all the Capri Marquees, comes fully complete with a set of side walls that can be clipped on without any training within minutes.
28ft x 28ft Capri Marquees
28×28 Capri Marquee hire is also perfect for children’s birthdays, garden parties and BBQ’s. Although only a little larger the the 20×20 Capri Marquee, the 2828 can accommodate 45 Seated or 55 Standing, making it more suitable for larger venues.
20ft x 20ft Capri Marquees
The 20ft x 20ft Capri Marquee is the perfect marquee for garden parties, birthday parties and BBQs, but they can also be connected to a 28ft x 38ft capri marquee to be used as a catering tent or to just provide additional space.